This dimension is filled with holograms where nothing is real.

INK ILLUSIONIST The Ink Illusionist is a powerful wizard, he is very serious and wise. He wears a hat and wears a robe. He has silver eyes and orange hair. The Ink Illusionist has a magic wand which is the most powerful in the universe. He's a mentor to his daughter who he hopes will one day become a master of magic just like him.
INK ILLUSIONIST GIRL The Ink Illusionist Girl is daughter of the Ink Illusionist. She is a student of magic, she wears a hat and a robe. She has long black hair and wears blue shoes. The Ink Illusionist Girl is very cheerful, she learnt magic from her father. She sometimes makes mistakes with her spells when she forgets to spell out each letter of a word.