This whole dimension is a giant castle called the castle of confusion, it has thousands of different rooms.

KING NEYROD King Neyrod is the King of the Palace of the Golden Duke. He is husband to Queen Edna and father to Princess Carla. The King has curly green hair and a very bushy moustache, he is seventy-one years old. King Neyrod is always tryng to embarrass the queen and princess by saying silly words like "bartmeha" which means "watch out for that crazy onion!". King Neyrod is starting to lose his memory, as a result strange things are starting to happen at the palace.
QUEEN EDNA Queen Enda is the Queen of the Palace of the Golden Duke. She has a thick bob of black hair and bright green eyes. The queen is very strict, she tells the king off all the time saying, "STOP IT WITH THOSE CRAZY WORDS, WON'T YOU STOP DOING SILLY STUFF??". She is very serious and wont stand for any tomfoolery around the castle. People are often very serious around her but the King is always trying to bring out the more lighthearted side of her.
PRINCESS CARLA Princess Carla is the Princess of the Palace of the Golden Duke, she is the daughter of the King and Queen. She wears a princess dress which she never takes off. She is nineteen years old and she likes talking to friends on her computer using the camera to see them. She is waiting for the big day when she can finally meet these friends for the first time in person. The princess gets embarrassed when the king does something silly and the queen gets a bit stressed out whenever the princess leaves the palace. Even if it's just to go outside in the garden to look at the sky.