This is a spaceship where the robots live and work.These robots are called Tronites. They are the police force of the Dean Rodney Singers Universe. They fly to other dimensions in the spaceship.

Aaron Springs D-Dash Aaron Springs and D-Dash are identical twin Tronite Robots, they look exactly the same although one is a male and the other a female. They both have long grey hair. The only way you can tell them apart is by the food they eat and their different robot powers. They are not speaking robots, they make noises and can hear each other's thoughts. They wear the same clothes - suits, shirts, ties and shoes which are grey. They are ALWAYS smiling even when they are sad. This smile is very intense and can get them into all sorts of trouble sometimes. This smile is a trait of all Tronite Robots. Tronites are generally very peaceful robots but if provoked can turn into the complete opposite and destroy everything in their path, whilst still smiling.
Rika Red is also a Tronite Robot. She is slightly different to Aaron and D-Dash. Her hair is red. Rika only wears red clothing, but unlike Aaron and D-Dash, who wear the same grey uniform every day, Rika will change her clothes many many times in one day for no apparent reason, but the clothes are always red. Rika does speak but she can only say one word: "Red". Rika has the same trait as all the other Tronite robots in that she is always smiling even when she is sad. This always gets her into lots of trouble when she visits the different dimensions.