A futuristic city with lots of tower blocks, which collapse like dominos and then pop back up with a BOING!

ZYAX Zyax is a superhero. He has short black hair and green eyes. Zyax is a superhero with flexible techniques, he does karate and can run very fast. He has special hearing, he can hear things which are very far away. Zyax rides on a super car called Speeder 300X that has 2,0000 horse power and can fly. Zyax became a superhero when he was eleven years old. His dad taught him how to fight the bad guys and save civilians from danger. Zyax made friends with Tranquility when they were young. Zyax likes music and dancing, he really likes Tranquility and his super car. Zyax does not like villains.
TRAQUILITY Tranquility is sixteen years old and is very polite and calm. She is in a relationship with Zyax. She first met Zyax when she was ten years old and could not stop thinking about him, she is in love with Zyax. Tranquility likes comics about superheroes. When she is reading she always daydreams about Zyax. Tranquility does not like spiders and people interrupting her when she reads a comic or daydreams about Zyax.