A kitchen inside Princess Carla's stomach. When Sleepy Eyed Paps snores he makes Princess Carla's tummy rumble.

MAMA COUS COUS Mama Cous Cous is very small and is a chef that cooks food for the King, the Queen and the Princess. She is the size of a finger nail but cooks normal sized food. She has been cooking their food for a very long time, ever since the Princess was a little girl. When Princess Carla was nine she saw Mama on TV on a cooking show. The Queen said to the Princess: "What are you watching?" and the Princess said to the Queen: "That's the lady that can cook, she might cook for us". The Queen agreed and hired Mama Cous Cous on the spot. The only strange thing is that Princess Carla had to swallow Mama and Paps because they live inside people's tummies where it is nice and warm. Mama and Paps set up a kitchen inside Princess Carla's stomach.
SLEEPY EYE PAPS Sleepy Eye Paps is Mama Cous Cous's husband. He sleeps all day and wakes up only to eat then sleeps all night. If he ever tries to help Mama, he always ends up making a big mess of things. Mama just sends him out of Kitchen, she says to him: "Get out of my kitchen, go back to sleep!!".